Compare The Top Three Cards

Take a look at the chart below to see some of the differences in the three gaming capture cards.

  Dazzle Plus Roxio Game Capture Roxio Game HD Pro
Video Editing Software check check check
Export Direct To Youtube check check check
HD Recording xbox check check
Pass Thru Device x check check
Play In HD While You Record x check check
Add Voice Overs & Text Overs x check check
Voice Over While Live Streaming x x check
Slow Motion & Fast Forward Effects x x check
Video Connections RCA & S-video HD Component Cables HDMI & HD Component
Audio Connections Stereo Stereo Stereo & HDMI
Highest Recording Resolution 480 (NON-HD) 720p HD 1080 60i/1080 30p HD
  dazzle roxio console recording card roxio HDMI recording card for xbox


From the above chart, you can see that if you want to record your xbox 360 in HD quality, you should go for the either of the two Roxio cards. I only listed the Dazzle on here because it actually is a popular card as it is an entry level card. I go into a little more depth about each of the three cards below.

On this site, I compare the top three capture cards that you can use to record your xbox or your ps3. Take a look at the video below that I recorded using my Roxio Card. TIP: Remember to change the settings to 720p so that you can view the video in HD. Then check out the side by side comparison table that follows.

Dazzle Plus

dazzle card for ps3 and xboxOK, the Dazzle card. A very popular card, but definitely only an entry level card. The videos that it produces are very low-end and blurry with the text being difficult to read. It uses RCA and S-video connections and therefore does NOT record in HD. HD requires component cables or HDMI. There’s also no passthru so you will need splitters if you plan to play your game on the TV while you record onto your PC. Note: you must play in standard mode (Non-HD) when recording. If you are on a budget, and can not afford an HD card, or you don’t have HD capabilities anyway, then you may want to look into the Dazzle Card. It’s a low end card for the Xbox & PS3 systems, but it will get your videos on youtube.

Roxio Game Capture

RoxioThis is my favorite of all the cards (and the one I continue to use). As you can see from the videos on this site, the results are very impressive (FYI: make sure you set the youtube settings to 720p). It’s price is midrange compared to the other cards, but if you want great quality HD videos, then it’s the one I recommend for recording your gameplay. The Roxio card uses component cables to record in 720p HD. It’s also a passthru device and therefore allows you to record and play simultaneously in HD. Let’s not forget the included software: The Roxio multi-tracking software is excellent for editing your videos and adding voiceovers and text. I already own Pinnacle Studio and Sony Vegas Pro, yet I still use the Roxio software to edit my game videos. Why? because it’s simple and easy to use; allows you to quickly edit and export your videos with no hassles. Visit Roxio’s site here: Roxio Capture Card.

Roxio Game HD Pro

HD PROUPDATE as of 11/21/12: This is the newest Roxio card and it features what the people have been wanting! Along with everything that the original Roxio card had, the NEW HD Pro features HDMI inputs and ouputs! Another feature that we all were waiting for was voice overs while live streaming. The new Roxio Card has it! The HD Pro has new effects such as the slow motion effect and fast forward. Lastly, this card can record at 1080 60i or 1080 30p. This is my new favorite card. I’ve already ordered it. I’ll post some videos once I get it. Visit Roxio’s site here: Roxio Capture HD PRO.

Below is another video recorded with the Roxio card. Make sure you set the YouTube settings to 720p so that you can view it in HD quality.

FYI : If you already have a capture card, click here for recording tips.

New Roxio HD PRO Card

Roxio HD Pro

Roxio has answered a lot of gamers prayers! It’s 2012 and gamers have been demanding an affordable HDMI card to capture their gameplay. And here it is.. The all new Roxio Game Capture HD PRO.

The new Roxio card has all of the features that the original card had, plus many new benefits. The main benefit is of course the HDMI inputs and outputs. It also has component in and outs for those without HDMI. The card can record up to 1080 60i and 1080 30p. The original card could record in HD also but only at 720p. Both cards allow you to add voice overs and text over to the videos but the new HD PRO allows you to add voice overs to the live video stream. There have been quite a few people writing me and asking me about this over the past year. Finally, here it is. :)

I already have and use (and love) the original Roxio card; The problem for me is that I use HDMI and so I ended up never really using the other card anymore since it would require me to change to component and then change the settings in Xbox (or my PS3). Call me lazy. lol. But now with the new HD PRO card, I can just leave the HDMI plugged in permanently. I ordered the card today and as soon as I get it, I will post some videos.

If you want to order the card or see Roxio’s comparison of the two cards, CLICK HERE.